Design And Application Of Lubricating Oil Plate Coolers

  The main function of the lubricant cooler is to cool the lubricant. The oil cooler is a special cooling equipment for turbine oil in the power system. During Design and application of lubricating oil plate coolersthe operation of the steam turbine and the generator, the temperature of its bearings is kept within the normal range. This type of lubricating oil cooler is a smooth tube surface type, which uses circulating water as a medium to achieve heat exchange, so as to ensure that the oil temperature at the bearing inlet reaches the specified value and ensure the normal operation of the unit. The order of the oil cooler needs to provide the following parameters:(1) The cooling area should be informed when purchasing an oil cooler.(2) Oil inlet, water temperature, oil inlet pressure and resistance drop.(3) The heat exchange cooling tube is generally selected from copper, and users may also need to use stainless steel tubes.Lubricating coolers and oil coolers produced by our company are mainly used for lubricating oil cooling and heating, hydraulic oil cooling and heating, petroleum extraction, oil-containing compound heating and cooling, ceramic press oil cooling, coal plant fan / power plant fan oil cooling Aviation oil cooling and heating, kiln oil cooling and heating, oil products cooling and heating.