Copper Brazing Technology Introduction

  Brazed plate heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger made of a series of corrugated metal sheets stacked and brazed. Brazed plate heat Copper Brazing Technology Introductionexchangers can be divided into copper brazed plate heat exchangers and nickel brazed plate heat exchangers according to different materials.Copper brazing technology is a brazing technology developed by the International Copper Association specifically for the manufacture of heat exchangers for the automotive industry and heavy industry. The Cuprobraze Alliance was promoted and implemented by Sweden's Outokumpu Copper Strip Company (now Aurubis).Copper brazing technology has a wide range of applications. It can produce radiators, heaters, oil coolers, intercoolers, condensers and evaporators for locomotives, trucks and construction machinery.Copper brazing technology uses a special copper-based brazing material. The patented product OKC600 developed by Outokumpu can be used free of charge in automobiles and heavy industries.The alloy has a melting temperature of 590 ° C to 610 ° C, and its main components are copper, phosphorus, tin and nickel. During brazing, liquid metal penetrates into the gap under the action of capillary and reacts with the base material interface to form a high-strength brazed joint. This brazing material is mainly supplied in a paste form as a batch, and no soldering agent is required to be added when copper and copper are connected. When copper and brass are connected, an appropriate amount of flux must be added to the paste.