Construction Principle And Characteristics Of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

  A heat pipe is an efficient heat transfer element, and its thermal conductivity is hundreds to thousands of times higher than that of metal. The heat pipe Construction principle and characteristics of heat pipe heat exchangeralso has the characteristics of good temperature uniformity, adjustable heat flux density and reversible heat transfer direction. The heat pipe heat exchanger composed of it not only has the characteristics of large heat transfer, small temperature difference, light weight and small size, and rapid thermal response of the heat pipe, but also has convenient installation, simple maintenance, long service life, small resistance loss, and exhaust flow path. It is easy to separate and has no leakage.

  The heat pipe is made of aluminum (rolled) finned tubes with grooves on both ends and sealed at both ends. After cleaning and pumping into a high vacuum, the best liquid working fluid is injected. According to the composition and proportion of the injected liquid working fluid, it is divided into It is a low-temperature heat pipe heat exchanger, a medium-temperature heat pipe heat exchanger, and a high-temperature heat pipe heat exchanger. When one end of the heat pipe is heated, the working fluid in the pipe vaporizes and absorbs the heat of vaporization from the heat source. After the vaporization, the steam flows to the other end and releases latent heat to the heat dissipation area when it encounters condensation. The condensate flows back by capillary force and gravity, and continues to be vaporized by heat, so that the reciprocating cycle transfers a large amount of heat from the heating area to the heat dissipation area. The heat transfer in the heat pipe is carried out through the phase change process of the working medium.The heat pipe elements are arranged at a certain row and column spacing, and are bundled and installed in the housing of the frame. The heating section and the radiating section of the heat pipe are separated by an intermediate partition to form a heat pipe heat exchanger.