Constant Temperature Control Principle Of Plate Heat Exchanger

  The principle of the plate heat exchanger unit is that steam or high temperature water is sent to the plate heat exchange unit according to the Constant temperature control principle of plate heat exchangerrequiredflow of the heating system under the control of a temperature control valve. The heated water first flows through the stainless steel core decontamination device, and then enters the heat exchanger through the circulation pump and is heated for use by the user. The primary heat medium returns to the primary heating pipe network after the plate heat exchange unit exchanges heat. The water loss of the system is automatically replenished by the make-up pump according to the set pressure to ensure stable and normal system pressure.The constant temperature control principle of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger is that the constant temperature control system reads the temperature signal through the secondary temperature sensor. The outdoor temperature sensor signal is used as a reference for the correction of the temperature of the secondary water supply, and then the opening degree of the primary temperature control valve and the operating frequency of the circulation pump are controlled to automatically adjust the temperature and flow of the water supply to meet the user's requirements.Users can manually set the water temperature on the spot, or remotely in the central control room after networking.