Conditions That Cause Damage To Heat Exchanger Gaskets

  The heat exchanger is a kind of key equipment with high safety. When the gasket is damaged, external dripping can be seen. The heat exchanger will Conditions that cause damage to heat exchanger gasketsdrip slightly at the beginning. In process equipment with large pressure shocks, there may be large leaks due to damage to the heat exchanger gasket.

Under strong pressure shocks, the gasket can sometimes be removed from the correct installation position of the heat exchanger, and in severe cases can even be removed from the heat exchanger.

  In this case, the operation of the equipment must be stopped immediately in order to cool the heat exchanger to room temperature without pressure.If the gasket is deformed under pressure, it cannot be restored to its original shape, and a new gasket must be replaced.If no spare seal is available, the plates on both sides of the damaged seal must be removed from the entire plate heat exchanger group and the sealing joint faces of the remaining plate heat exchanger plates must be inspected.The plate with the damaged pad is removed and assembled. Then buy a new gasket and add the plate to the original heat transfer capability. When disassembling the heat exchanger, you must pay attention to the A value (clamping dimension).