Composition Analysis Of New Type Heat Exchange Unit

  The new heat exchange unit is an integrated equipment consisting of stainless steel plate heat exchangers, circulating water pumps, make-up pumps, Composition Analysis of New Type Heat Exchange Unitsewage filters, temperature reducing and reducing valves, and pipes, valves, meters, and instrument electrical control boxes.It can achieve on-demand heating and is an economical, safe and reliable intelligent heat exchange equipment.The high-efficiency stainless steel plate heat exchanger group has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, simple design, improved work efficiency, advanced design concepts, more emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving, convenient pipeline control and management, ease of use, and convenient installation and debugging.It is mainly applicable to the working conditions of steam-water heat exchange, water-water heat exchange, and water-oil heat exchange. It is widely used in heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water.

  The new heat exchange unit designed and manufactured by our company has stable performance, reliable operation, high heat exchange efficiency, reasonable and beautiful layout, simple installation, and convenient operation and maintenance.The design of the unit is compact, which simplifies the installation process. It only needs to connect the unit to the primary and secondary network and the water supply.

It is very suitable for urban central heating, heat exchange sub-stations of residential quarters and high-rise buildings, hot water supply and air conditioning systems.