Comparison Of Gasket Manufacturers Of Plate Heat Exchanger

The periphery and corner holes of the heat exchanger plates are sealed with rubber gaskets. The frame is composed of a fixed pressing plate, a movable pressing plate, upper and lower guide rods and clamping bolts. Because the sealing gasket of Comparison of gasket manufacturers of plate heat exchangera good manufacturer will ensure the heat exchange effect of the plate heat exchanger, not only corrosion resistance but also prolonged service life. So how do plate heat exchanger gaskets compare?

(1) The appearance of the heat exchanger gasket

The appearance size of the gasket is different according to the size of each heat exchanger. It is best for customers to know the model of the heat exchanger when choosing the gasket, so that the purchased products can be installed and used correctly.

(2) Gasket design of plate heat exchanger

Design is the most critical factor affecting the sealing effect of heat exchanger gaskets. A qualified gasket design should first determine the customer's use of the medium, and select the corresponding material as the raw material. It is produced by the corresponding gasket mold of the heat exchanger. After the high temperature and high pressure test, trimming and other processes, it can be shipped out.

(3) The price of heat exchanger rubber gasket

The high-priced gasket means that consumers pay for the manufacturer's advertising costs, which is not cost-effective. The quality of low-cost heat exchanger gaskets is not guaranteed! Then the heat exchanger gasket with good quality and moderate price is the most worthy of choice.