Common Use Cases Of Heat Exchangers

  A heat exchanger is a device that transfers the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Heat exchangers play an important role in chemical, petroleum, power, Common use cases of heat exchangersfood and many other industrial productions. They can be used as heaters, coolers, condensers, evaporators and reboilers in chemical production. Heat exchangers are usually used in the following three situations:

(1) Recovery of energy. Such as gas-to-gas heat exchanger, lean glycerol heat exchanger, lean rich amine liquid heat exchanger, lean rich oil heat exchanger, feed preheater of fractionation tower.

(2) Cool the hot stream. Such as radiator, compressor / J1-port cooler, product cooler.

(3) Provide heat transfer for the process. Such as fractionation tower and glycol stripping tower reboiler, fractionator reflux condenser, gas refrigerator.

The choice of heat exchanger type for a particular condition is related to economy. However, the selection of each heat exchanger is subject to the environment. For example, if a process cooler is installed in a waterless location, an air cooler should be selected.