Characteristics Of Heat Exchanger Unit

  Our company's heat exchanger unit is a complete set of district heating equipment consisting of heat exchanger, circulation pump, make-up water Characteristics of heat exchanger unitpump, thermometer, pressure gauge, various sensors, pipelines and valves, and industrial control.At the same time, the hydration system, constant pressure system, water treatment system, variable frequency flow control system, calorimeter and network control communication system are installed. It has some features as follow.

(1) High space utilization: the design of human culture saves floor space even after maintenance.

(2) User installation is more convenient: the user only needs to do a total of five flange interfaces for the secondary network return and hydration, and then connect the main power to the unit's electric control cabinet. The unit can operate normally.

(3) Modular design can better adapt to the user's special working conditions: the combination of primary network and secondary network quality adjustment and volume adjustment, and industrial control segmentation design to meet the user’s greatest extent requirements.

(4) The organic combination of various high-performance accessories: The carefully selected accessories of the unit make the unit have superior product performance and price ratio, so that maintenance-free and long service life can be achieved.