Causes Of Freezing And Cracking Of Central Air-conditioning Plate Heat Exchanger

The detachable plate heat exchanger for central air-conditioning generally cuts off the external water and the circulating Causes of freezing and cracking of central air-conditioning plate heat exchangerwater of the system, and places the external water directly into the system to cause fouling and clogging. As the service life of the heat exchanger increases, a series of problems will arise in the plate heat exchanger. Leakage, corrosion, frost cracking, and insufficient heat exchange efficiency. Due to the large number of channels in the plate heat exchanger, it often takes years of experience to determine the cause. The cause of freezing and cracking of central air-conditioning plate heat exchanger.

(1) The plate heat exchanger has quality problems and internal leakage. It has to account for 1-2%.

(2) The plate heat exchanger is locally dirty and blocked (impurities in the water system enter the plate heat exchanger). Its proportion is 75-80%.

(3) The design of the refrigeration system is unreasonable, the water temperature is not restricted during defrosting in winter, and the evacuation of the refrigeration system is not restricted. Its proportion is 3-5%

(4) The flow protection device of the heat exchange unit may be slow to reflect the protection measures, the sensitivity is not high, and it cannot be started in time. Its proportion is 20-25%.