Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

   The brazing heat exchanger is connected in series to the heating pipe, and the high temperature hot water of the heating and the tap water (absolutely not mixed) exchange heat in the interior of the device without affecting the supply of the tap. The tap water absorbs heat and the water temperature rapidly increases into heat. water. In other words, the tap water is heated by the heat of the high-temperature hot water of the heating.. More hot water is produced, the temperature difference between the water temperature and the temperature of the heating and hot water is about 5 degrees Celsius, and the heating and hot water is quickly circulated and provided a constant flow of heat. Therefore, it is possible to continuously supply clean hot water all the time.Hot water is available for bathing, washing vegetables, cooking, laundry etc.

Brazing heat exchangers have the following characteristics:

(1) Non gas and electricity, low cost. Use the hot water of heating and hot water to heat the tap water to 30-50 degrees of domestic hot water.

(2)The volume is mini. The appearance is exquisite and the thermal efficiency is high. The outlet water temperature of the tap water differs from the temperature of the heating water by about 5 °C.

(3) The heat is ready to use, the water temperature is constant, and the day meets the needs of cooking, bathing, and washing clothes.

(4)Food grade stainless steel material, never rust, corrosion resistance.

(5)The patented technology of eddy current channel design, never scale, zero resistance.