Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Refrigeration

Plate heat exchanger application in refrigeration industry

1. Basic requirements for plate heat exchangers for refrigeration equipment

(1) The plate heat exchanger for refrigeration equipment, due to the high pressure on the refrigerant side (up to about 25 bar) and strong penetrating power,it should be selected for the high pressure brazed plate heat exchanger produced by the refrigeration industry. (2) The heat transfer coefficient is an important indicator to measure the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger. As the energy requirement per unit volume of the refrigeration unit is increased, the heat exchange area per unit volume of the plate heat exchanger for the refrigeration equipment is also correspondingly increased. The water-cooled and glycol-cooled units use a compact efficient stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger. The heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved compared with the shell-and-tube heat exchanger, and the structural rate is only 1/10 of that of the shell-and-tube condenser.

2. Plate heat exchanger for evaporator. In the air-cooled heat pump unit, the plate heat exchanger is used as an evaporator during the refrigeration cycle.

3. Plate heat exchanger used as a condenser A plate heat exchanger used as an evaporator in a refrigeration cycle of a heat pump unit is used as a condenser in a heat pump cycle type.

4. Plate heat exchanger for heat recovery unit .The heat recovery unit uses the heat of condensation to heat the tap water into domestic hot water(process hot water), so as to take away the condensation heat generated by the refrigeration system, the tap water that directly meets the hot water consumption. It is sent to a heat recovery heat exchanger (also known as a superheater), which is heated by a part of the condensing latent heat of the ventilator of the compressor, and the remaining exhaust heat is discharged into the atmosphere by the condenser. A plate heat exchanger for heat recovery is installed between the condenser and the compressor.