Application Of Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger In Food Industry

More and more stainless steel plate heat exchangers are used in the food industry. The heat exchanger plates and heat Application of stainless steel plate heat exchanger in food industryexchanger sealing gaskets all meet the national food grade requirements. The thickness of 0.5mm can quickly cool down and cool food media (milk, beverages, cellulose juice), and truly realize instant heating or cooling equipment. Sterilization in various food and beverage, heating, evaporation, crystallization, beer and other processing processes. In the food and beverage industry, plate heat exchangers are used in the heating of clear juice, heating of thin juice, heating of syrup molasses before entering the tank, and final cooling of molasses (before entering the waste honey tank).

(1) Industrial water heating system

(2) CIP heating system

(3) Beverage production: heating/cooling and milk pasteurization units for fruit juice, raw fruit juice, syrup water, extracted water, thick/dilute fruit juice, syrup

(4) Aseptic water unit

(5) Heating or cooling of materials

(6) Sugar making. Raw juice heating, pulp water heating, extraction water heating, carbonated juice heating, thick juice heating, syrup heating, thin juice heating, juice concentration.