Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Shipbuilding Industry

In marine turbines, heat exchange is undoubtedly a very critical factor to ensure the normal use of the turbine. When the Application of plate heat exchanger in shipbuilding industryturbine is working, a certain temperature must be maintained to ensure the normal operation of the machinery. At present, there are already very different designed heat exchangers in marine turbines, and the plate heat exchanger is one of the very important ones. Plate heat exchangers are already one of the indispensable important equipment in ships. Heat exchangers are used in the main and auxiliary engine oil coolers, cylinder liner fresh water coolers, fuel heaters, steam condensers, feedwater heaters and other equipment.The special working environment of ships has very strict requirements on heat exchangers. The special environment includes factors such as instability on the sea surface, and may encounter working conditions such as vibration, shock, large-angle tilt and noise. The cooling medium is generally sea water, which has a high salt concentration and high humidity in the working environment, which is very corrosive to the plates. The space advantage of the ship itself is very compact, and the space and quality occupied by the heat exchanger are more strictly restricted. The heat transfer medium of the traditional heat exchanger is often water and water. The emergence of plate heat exchangers effectively solves most of the problems.