Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Petroleum Industry

  The plate heat exchanger consists of a set of metal corrugated plates with holes on the plate for the heat exchange medium to pass through. The Application of plate heat exchanger in petroleum industrysheet metal is mounted in a frame and clamped by clamping studs.When the heat exchanger plate is installed, it is turned upside down 180 degrees to form a flow channel.The plate is equipped with a sealing gasket, which completely closes the liquid channel and guides the liquid to the flow channels of each of the channels to prevent the mixing of different media. The heat exchanger plate group is positioned, pressed by a fixed plate and a pressure plate, and clamped by a clamping stud.The plate heat exchanger is an efficient and compact heat exchanger. Because of its high heat transfer coefficient, small pressure loss, compact structure, strong interchangeability, easy maintenance, and simple manufacturing, its use has shifted from the food and paper industry to the electric power, oil recovery, chemical, refining and metallurgy sectors. What are the applications of plate heat exchangers in the petroleum industry?

(1) Heating and cooling of various oil products.

(2) Factory cooling water system.

(3) Treatment of factory acid water.

(4) Condensation and cooling of the gas at the top of the tower.

(5) The offshore drilling platform is used for seawater cooling circulating fresh water or ethylene glycol crude oil cooling, desalination devices, fresh water distillation, and triethylene glycol dehydration.