Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Marine System

The stainless steel metal plates of the plate heat exchanger adopt the inverted installation type, so that a mesh contact can be formed so that the fluid in the channel becomes a mesh fluid.The heat exchanger fluid flows from one end to the other end as a one-way circulation loop, or reversely forms a diagonal flow to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. Application of Application of plate heat exchanger in marine systemplate heat exchanger in marine system.

Plate central cooler is used as an important cooling terminal in the cooling system of diesel engine, such as air cooler, lubricating oil cooler, high temperature fresh water cooler, central cooler. It is responsible for controlling the temperature of the fluid medium such as high temperature water and low temperature water and main lubricating oil of ships.

High temperature and low temperature fresh water cools different ship equipment separately, which makes the engine room power system adaptable and improves the working performance of the equipment. Therefore, the performance of the plate heat exchanger determines the stability of the ship's power system.The main task of the ship cooling water control system is to automatically control the actuator with the change of the thermal load to ensure the stability of the cooling water temperature. This requires the plate cooler to have sensitive and effective temperature control capabilities.