Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Hotel Industry

In the hotel industry, domestic hot water and room heating are the most basic links for the hotel to serve customers. Application of plate heat exchanger in hotel industryWhether the hotel's heat transfer equipment can meet the requirements in this link mainly depends on the heat transfer form of the heat exchange equipment. Most of the heat sources in the hotel are divided into steam and high-temperature hot water. After installing a plate heat exchanger, the principle of wall heat transfer is used to achieve efficient heat transfer. It exchanges the energy of heat source and cold source to realize hot water heating and room heating of hotel rooms.

The design of the plate heat exchanger is a device that does not consume energy. It consumes neither electricity nor coal. It adopts physical properties and follows the principle of "energy conservation". It is fundamentally an energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.The hotel has installed a plate heat exchanger, no matter it is connected with steam or high temperature hot water, the two media do not cross each other and circulate continuously in the pipeline. It not only saves energy, but also greatly improves the service life of boilers or refrigerators.Many large hotels now use plate heat exchangers for intermediate heating. It truly solves the process of cooling the heat medium and heating the cold medium without energy consumption. Its heating and cooling time achieves instant heating and cooling. This must be the result of reasonable design and selection.