Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Hot Spring Water

The plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of frame plates, heat exchanger plates, heat exchanger sealing gaskets, clamping bolts and support rods. Plate heat exchangers can control temperature, save energy and increase space in hot Application of plate heat exchanger in hot spring watersprings, and they are products worth promoting. Usually the temperature of the hot spring needs to be controlled at a constant temperature of about 28°C, and adjusted by a temperature sensor combined with a heat exchanger. So what is the application of plate changer in hot spring water?

(1) The plate heat exchanger usually adopts an intermediate heat exchange method to isolate the water source of the water from the unit system, so that the unit system contacts the source water as little as possible, reduces its corrosiveness, and prevents conduction and short circuit.

(2) When using a heat pump system, corrosive water sources need to add a corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger to the system. Otherwise, if the heat pump system has scale and corrosion, it will greatly enhance the cleaning and maintenance of the plate heat exchanger heat pump system.

(3) When the salinity of the source water is 150-500mg/L, there is no need to tangle.

(4) Compared with other types of heat exchange equipment, the plate heat exchanger has a small volume, a small floor area, high heat exchange efficiency, simple maintenance and low cost.