Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Deaeration System

  Plate heat exchanger is a kind of high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of metal plates with a certain corrugated shape. With its unique Application of plate heat exchanger in deaeration systemworking principle and unique composition structure, it stands out from many heat exchangers. Application of plate heat exchanger in deaeration system

1. Application in boiler vacuum deaeration system

In the heating station that supplies residential heating, vacuum equipment is used to configure the corresponding plate heat exchanger to heat the feed water for use in the jet heater section.Return the water through the heating network, heat the demineralized water or water, and directly heat the machine water to reach the boiling temperature (35-60 ° C) on the deoxidation tower.At the same time, the waste heat of the backwater of the heating network is used to soften the water to reduce the concentration of saturated oxygen in the water, which improves the quality of the water supplement and the effect of deoxidation.Sampling and testing showed that the dissolved oxygen in water was 0.5mg / L, which was much lower than the national standard, which ensured the boiler water make-up water quality and the normal operation of the heating network.

2. Application in ground atmosphere or thermal deaeration system

The plate heat exchanger is applied in the thermal deaeration system of two 4t / h fuel oil boilers in the gas pipe station.

The plate heat exchanger is replaced as an energy converter to ensure the system temperature regulation and thermal deaeration.Engineering practice has proved that the effect is very significant, the steam consumption is reduced, and the steam consumption is reduced by about 50% compared with the traditional thermal deaeration.Basically no manual operation is required, reliable operation, convenient installation and maintenance, saving more than 60% of investment, and ensuring that the oxygen content of the effluent water quality within the load range of 30% to 150% is ≤0.03mg / L.In the plate heat exchanger, the temperature of the deoxidized water before entering the pump can be adjusted within the range of 62-99 ° C, so as to effectively ensure that the water in the working condition does not boil, and reduce the phenomenon that the heating surface at the tail will block and corrode, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler by more than 2%.