Advantages Of Wide Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

  The wide flow channel plate heat exchanger can be used for many years without failure within the allowable pressure and temperature range, and the Advantages of wide flow plate heat exchangercover plate can be opened to mechanically clean the flow channel. It is widely used in fuel ethanol, papermaking, alumina and other industries. What are the advantages of the wide flow plate heat exchanger?

(1) The heat transfer coefficient is high. In the case of processing the same material, the heat transfer coefficient of the wide-channel plate heat exchanger is 200W / (m2 · K) higher than that of other heat exchangers.

(2) High heat transfer efficiency and small pressure loss.The wide flow plate heat exchanger is also provided with a medium flow channel for hot fluid and a medium flow channel for cold fluid.However, only the cold fluid side forms a contact medium flow channel between the plates for circulating water to pass through, while the hot fluid side forms a non-contact medium channel between the plate groups to ensure that the aluminum hydroxide contains solid particles slurry passed smoothly.Therefore, the pressure loss is small and the fluid is evenly distributed.

(3) Convenient installation, cleaning and maintenance.Wide flow channel plate heat exchangers are regularly cleaned with lye, which can maintain a high operating rate without disassembling the equipment.The plate material of wide flow channel plate heat exchanger is generally 316L, 254SMO or duplex stainless steel 205. Currently used in domestic alumina production is duplex stainless steel 2205.