Accessories And Functions Of Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger

  The detachable plate heat exchanger is formed by pressing a number of corrugated thin plates at a certain interval, sealed by gaskets on the Accessories and functions of detachable plate heat exchangerperiphery, and superimposed and compressed by a frame and a compression.The four corner holes of the plate and the gasket form a fluid distribution pipe and a collection pipe, and the cold and hot fluids are reasonably separated to flow in the flow channels on each side of each plate, and heat exchange is performed through the plate. Here is the accessories and functions of detachable plate heat exchanger.

(1) The plate is a heat transfer element, and is generally made of stainless steel as required.

After the plates are compacted, a certain gap is left between them to form a fluid channel, and the heat exchange medium enters and exits from the nozzle on the clamping plate, thereby performing heat exchange.

 (2) The sealing gasket is to ensure the flow path between the plates and the seal of the plate to the outside. The material depends on the heat exchange medium.There are two seals around the corner hole, and there are signal holes communicating with the atmosphere to ensure that the two kinds of working medium will not cross each other.

(3) The upper guide rod is fixed on the fixed compression plate and the pillar, and plays a role of supporting and positioning the plate.

(4) The lower guide rod plays a positioning role on the plate, and the upper guide rod forms the plate positioning.

(5) The clamping bolts are evenly arranged around the pressing plate for clamping the plates between the fixed and movable pressing plates.

(6) The fixed compression plate and the movable compression plate are generally made of carbon steel plate, and the thickness is determined according to the bearing capacity to ensure that the plate seal is evenly clamped.