Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Replacement

Glueless or glue free gaskets are provided for the most plate heat exchanger model,These heat gaskets are replaced as follows

 1.Peel the old plate heat exchanger gasket from the PHE plate and make sure that all parts are completely removed.Note that there is not scratches in the PHE gaskets groove when disassembling.Gasket replaecment.jpg

 2.Wipe the plate cooler gasket with a clean cloth or cotton yarn mop to ensure that there is no foreign materials remain that could cause the plate gasket to seat improperly.

 3.Secure the new rubber gasket to the PHE plate by gasket clip at the edge of the plate heat exchanger plates. Note that there are two gasket tags at each attachment position at regular intervals around the circumference of the heat exchanger plate.

 4.Ensure that all the channel plate gasketsclips are are in proper position before closing the plate coolers.

 5.The plate type heat exchanger is closed and tightened with the gaskets providing a tight sealing