Why need to clean stainless steel plate heat exchanger

  The stainless steel metal corrugated plates of the plate heat exchanger are assembled in an inverted manner, so that a mesh contact can be Why need to clean stainless steel plate heat exchangerformed, so that the fluid in the channel becomes a mesh fluid. The heat exchanger fluid flows from one end to the other end to form a one-way flow circuit, or to form a diagonal flow in the reverse direction to achieve the purpose of heat transfer.

  The scaling, corrosion, and clogging of stainless steel plate heat exchangers have always been a difficult problem to solve. This problem is especially prominent in the case of poor water quality conditions or insufficient water treatment. Because the heat exchanger can produce very developed turbulence at a very low flow rate, it is not easy to form dirt and scale on the tube wall, so the heat exchange tube is not easy to scale.The fouling of the plate heat exchanger will reduce and damage the heat exchange effect of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger, and the pipeline will also be blocked and other series of problems, which will increase the load of the heat exchange equipment and lose energy.If the corrosion situation is serious, there will be perforation and fracture, which leads to forced suspension of production and production accident.So far, it is impossible to completely avoid scaling. It is necessary to take some measures to prevent or delay the scaling rate, so cleaning the heat exchange equipment is indispensable in the production process.