Why is plate theat exchanger used

Why is plate type theat exchanger used   

   Since the plate heat exchanger has some unique features in manufacturing and use, it has developed rapidly after being successfully used in the industry. By the 1940s, several factories in several countries had produced many plates of different shapes and sizes. As for now, there are many factories in the world that can produce plate heat exchangers, and the main production plants are no less than forty. Several major production plants generally have unique plate slab waveforms.Generally a factory only produces a limited number of size plate.The plate are then arranged into heat exchangers regardless of the area of heat transfer. Since a plate with a certain waveform from design to manufacture requires a large investment and a long time, the general production factory does not easily change the shape of the plate. 

   Plate heat exchangers are used to treat liquids from water to high viscosity for heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation. It is the most widely used in the food industry for heat sterilization and cooling of milk, juice, glucose, beer, vegetable and oil.