Why Does Pressure Drop Increase With Flow Rate

Why Does Pressure Drop Increase With Flow Rate?

   Any kinds of the heat exchanger in the process of heat transfer. The medium will have a certain resistance when flowing through the heat  exchanger.Pressure drop means that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet phe media.In the flow, the fluid can only advance by overcoming the resistance. The larger the flow rate, the greater the resistance.Increasing the medium average flow rate in the flow path between the plates can increase the heat transfer coefficient and reduce the heat exchanger area. However, increasing the flow rate will increase the resistance of the heat exchanger, increase the power consumption of the circulating pump and the cost of the equipment, and it is uneconomical to obtain a higher heat transfer coefficient by increasing the flow rate.

   Pressure drop  △P1= Eu ω2.ρ.m (Eu-Euler number,ω-Velocity between two plates, ρ- Fluid density,m-Phe passes)