Which heat exchanger is most efficient

Which heat exchanger is most efficient?

   Heat exchanger heat exchangers (also known as heat exchange equipment) are devices used to transfer heat from hot fluids to cold fluids to meet specified process requirements. They are an industry application of convective heat transfer and heat transfer.. Heat exchangers can be classified in different ways. According to its operation process, it can be divided into three types: partition type, hybrid type, and regenerative type (or regenerative type); according to the compactness of its surface, it can be divided into two types: compact and non-compact.

   If there is no phase change, the traditional one should be the plate heat exchanger: (the most typical type of wall-mounted heat exchanger) is mainly used for heat exchange between liquid and liquid, which is often called water and water heat exchange in the industry. The heat exchange efficiency is around 5000w/m2 °C.

   The new eddy current hot film heat exchanger is relatively high. The latest eddy current hot film heat transfer technology is used to increase the heat transfer effect by changing the fluid motion state. When the medium passes through the surface of the vortex tube, the surface of the tube is strongly washed, thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency. Up to 10000W/m2°C