Where To Use Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, power, medicine, food, chemical fiber, paper, textile, shipbuilding, heating and other industry.It can be used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, sterilization, waste heat Recycling and other situations.

  Solar energy utilization: Participate in the heat exchange of antifreeze liquids such as ethylene glycol and other heat transfer medium in the solar collector board to achieve the purpose of using solar energy.

  Chemical industry: Manufacture titanium oxide, alcohol fermentation, ammonia synthesis, resin synthesis, manufacture of rubber, cooling phosphoric acid, cooling formal water, alkali carbon industry, and electrolysis to make alkali.

  Iron and steel industry: cooling quench oil, cooling plating liquid, cooling retarder lubricant, cooling rolling mill, wire drawing machine cooler

  Metallurgical industry: heating and cooling of aluminate liquors, cooling sodium aluminate, and cooling lubricating oils from aluminium mills.

  Food industry:Salt, dairy products, soy sauce and vinegar sterilization cooling,animal and vegetable oil heating and cooling, beer production, heating and cooling of beer and wort, sugar, gelatin concentration, sterilization, cooling, manufacturing sodium glutamate.

  Textile industry: Heat recovery of various waste liquids, cooling of boiling phosphating fibers, cooling  viscose liquid, cooling acetic acid and acetic anhydride, cooling of aqueous alkali solution, heating and cooling of viscose filaments.

  Paper industry: Cooling black water, heating and cooling of bleaching with salt, alkali liquor , heat recovery of cellophane waste liquid, heating cooking acid, cooling sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, Recover the waste from bleached sheet paper ,condense the exhaust gas and preloading Concentrated pulp.

  Centralized heating:Thermal power plant waste heat district heating, heating domestic water, boiler district heating.

  Oil industry: heating and cooling synthetic detergent, heating whale oil, cooling vegetable oil,sodium hydroxide and glycerin, emulsifying oil.

  Power Industry: Generator shaft cooling, transformer oil cooling.

  Ships: diesel engine, central cooler, unloading jacket water cooler, piston cooler, lubricant cooler, preheater, desalination system.

  Seawater breeding seedlings: supporting boilers to raise the sea water temperature of seedlings, then saving energy and improving environmental protection efficiency.

Others: medicine, petroleum, building ceramics, glass, cement, geothermal utilization, etc