What should I do if the plate heat exchanger is out of process

  The stainless metal plate of the plate heat exchanger is inserted and assembled in an inverted state, so that a mesh contact can be formed.Then Plate heat exchanger operating conditionshe fluid in the channel becomes a mesh fluid. So that the fluid flows from one end to the other end and thinks of a one-way circulation loop, or reversely forms a diagonal flow to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. What should i do if the plate heat exchanger is out of process?

 (1) Check if the inlet parameters of the hot and cold medium match the original design values. If it does not match, try to adjust to the original design value. If the inlet parameters have been changed and cannot be adjusted to the original design value, the design calculation should be repeated to determine the heat transfer area or change the process combination.

(2) If the inlet and outlet parameters of the cold and hot medium are consistent with the original design values, and the outlet parameters are not up to the design value, stop the machine and disassemble the check plates for blockage or plate scaling.