What should be paid attention to when cleaning the plate heat exchanger

The structure of the plate heat exchanger is simple, and it is composed of plates, sealing gaskets, fixed compression plates, movable compression plates, compression studs and nuts, upper and lower guide rods, and front pillars. The function of the plate heat exchanger in the heat exchange system is mainly to complete the function of heat exchange, which plays a vital role. It is very important to clean the What should be paid attention to when cleaning the plate heat exchangerplate heat exchanger in time. What are the precautions when cleaning the plate heat exchanger?

(1) It is strictly forbidden to clean the plate heat exchanger with hydrochloric acid. When the thermal efficiency is significantly reduced, the plate heat exchanger should be repaired regularly.

(2) The cleaning work can open the equipment and flush each board. If the heat exchanger plates are severely fouled, the flat brush should be removed

(3) The heat exchanger cleaning application of organic chemical cleaning agent can be recycled in machinery and equipment. For mechanical cleaning, a soft brush should be used instead of a steel brush.

(4) After cleaning with equipment, wipe it with a clean cloth. There should be no foreign particles or fibers between the plate and the rubber pad.

(5) Please check the hook and film carefully after cleaning, and deal with any problems in time.

(6) During the cleaning process of the heat exchanger, the rubber pads to be replaced and the degummed rubber pads should be firmly bonded and carefully checked before assembly, and all remaining adhesives should be wiped clean.