What problems are easily caused by plate heat exchangers

The metal plates of the plate heat exchanger adopt a mutually inverted mode during assembly. Thin rectangular 50channels are formed between various plates for heat exchange. What problems are easily caused by plate heat exchangers?

(1) Blockage of plate heat exchanger

When the heat exchanger is working, the pressure loss before and after increases, and the front and rear pressure parameters exceed 0.1MP, which may indicate that the heat exchanger may be blocked. At this time, it is necessary to stop work for cleaning and remove debris.

(2) The gas inside the heat exchanger is not discharged

When the installation is completed for the first time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a lot of air inside. It is necessary to check the exhaust system and perform formal operation after exhausting the air.

(3) Water quality problems in the system cause fouling inside the heat exchanger

Faced with this situation, the first way is to turn off the machine and disassemble it for cleaning. The other is chemical cleaning.

(4) Leakage of heat exchanger

If the heat exchanger leaks, the pressures before and after are the same, indicating that water is running inside the heat exchanger. Internal leakage must be replaced in time. If it leaks outside, replace the gasket again.