What needs to be repaired for heat exchanger equipment

  The structure of the tube heat exchanger is relatively simple, compact, and inexpensive, but the outside of the tube cannot be mechanically What needs to be repaired for heat exchanger equipmentcleaned. The tube bundle of the heat exchanger is connected to the tube plate, and the tube plates are welded to the two ends of the shell, and a top cover is connected to the tube plate. The top cover and the housing are equipped with fluid inlet and outlet connections.A series of baffles perpendicular to the tube bundle are usually installed outside the tube. At the same time, the connection between the tube and the tube plate and the outer shell are rigid, while the inside and outside of the tube are two fluids with different temperatures.When the temperature difference between the tube wall and the shell wall is large, due to the difference in thermal expansion between the two, a large temperature difference stress is generated, so that the tube is bent or the tube is loosened from the tube plate to destroy the heat exchanger. What are the main contents of heat exchanger maintenance?

(1) Remove the head and tube box at both ends of the heat exchanger

(2) Pull out the tube bundle for cleaning, sweeping and cleaning. (Check the corrosion, rust, cracks, sand holes defects of the cover and tube box at both ends of the heat exchanger, and check the deformation and bending of the heat exchanger)

(3) Check the corrosion of heat exchanger baffle, baffle and tie rod bolts

(4) Check the sealing surface of the heat exchanger

(5) Reinstall the tube bundle, head and tube box of the heat exchanger, and test the pressure and leak of the tube bundle and the shell.