What is welded plate heat exchanger

What is welded plate heat exchanger?

Welded plate heat exchangers are available in semi-welded, modular and fully welded versions. The general structure of the conventional plate What is welded plate heat exchangerheat exchanger is a bulk type, which is characterized in that the flow passages on both sides can be completely opened for cleaning. The disadvantage is that the pressure difference between the two sides cannot be too large, and the temperature should not be too high. The semi-welded type uses a special welding process to weld each two sheets together along the sealing groove, and then assembles each pair of welded sheets with a gasket, so that the sealing perimeter can be reduced by half, but the welding plate is welded. The inside of the sheet cannot be cleaned by mechanical means and can be cleaned by chemical means. The assembly type is to pre-weld several sheets together and then assemble them with sealing gasket. The structure can be used for heat exchange of 2.5MPa, 400 ℃ and clean medium; The welding method  is to weld all the plates into one piece and can only be used for heat exchange of non-fouling medium. The biggest advantage is that it can withstand higher temperature and pressure without the worry of gasket leakage.