What is the use of intelligent plate heat exchanger unit

  The intelligent plate heat exchanger unit is an organic combination of heat exchangers, water pumps, control cabinet valves and other pipe fittings What is the use of intelligent plate heat exchanger unitaccording to certain technical conditions and requirements to complete a working condition. The entire set of equipment automatically runs to unattended operation. The purpose is advanced technology, energy saving and high efficiency. It can be used for heating and heat exchange, heating and cooling, and bathing to produce hot water.

  Our company's plate heat exchanger units have various specifications and models, and complete varieties. Users can choose according to their needs. Our company can also design non-standard according to the specific requirements of users. If the type of heat used is diversified, our company can provide users with "two-in-one" or "three-in-one" units. It is the use of the same heat source with several heat exchangers to exchange hot water with different temperatures. If the heat source is steam, it can be exchanged into 70 ℃ / 95 ℃ heating hot water, 50 ℃ / 60 ℃ air conditioning hot water and 5 ℃ / 55 ℃ domestic hot water.The number of plate heat exchangers in the plate heat exchanger unit, the number of water pumps, the place of production, the place of production of the automatic control system, and the brand) can also be selected with reference to users' opinions. Therefore, the product is extremely flexible and can fully meet the needs of different users for the unit.