What is the temporary solution for the damage of the gasket of the plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. The heat exchange of the plate heat exchanger is not only carried out in the narrow space between What is the temporary solution for the damage of the gasket of the plate heat exchangerthe heat exchanger plates, but also heat exchange occurs in many gaskets between the plates. Plate heat exchanger gaskets are considered to be the most important and most demanding parts of plate heat exchangers. The gasket not only needs to seal the medium so that it does not leak to the external environment, but also avoids the mutual mixing of the heat exchange medium. So what is the temporary solution for the damaged gasket of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) The softening of the plate heat exchanger gasket is related to pressure and temperature. When the gasket loses its elasticity, the heat exchanger will leak. In order to deal with the appearance of dripping caused by the aging of the gasket, it is allowed to schedule the sealing function of the heat exchanger. Tighten the bolts of the combined plate heat exchanger again to schedule the pressing force of the elastic gasket between the heat exchangers.

(2) For plate heat exchangers for which the scale of stress dispatch is not given, the stress value is generally given in the parts drawing. When tightening this type of plate heat exchanger, the tightening torque should not be lower than the value specified in the drawing in any case. When the tightening torque reaches the required value, the plate heat exchanger rubber pad can be replaced in a planned way.

(3) The clamping size of the new heat exchanger fins should be connected and fixed with the smallest allowable stress. Depending on the number of heat exchanger fins in each group, the tightening force of the heat exchanger can be adjusted once or several times. Every time you tighten, you can screw the nut into 3mm, and always pay attention to the stress of the scheduling piece during the tightening process.