What is the steam-water heat exchangers

  The steam-water heat exchanger is mainly composed of a plate heat exchanger, a circulation pump, a make-up water pump, a filter, a check What is the steam-water heat exchangersvalve, a butterfly valve, an instrument, an electric control cabinet and an automatic temperature control system.Programmable fully automatic control system and high-frequency electronic water descaling instrument, demineralized water system, automatic water replenishment system, constant pressure system, frequency conversion variable flow system, heat measurement system and wired or wireless network communication control system can be installed as required to satisfy users Different use requirements.

  The principle of constant temperature control of the steam-water heat exchanger: the constant temperature control system reads the temperature signal through the secondary side temperature sensor, and uses the outdoor temperature sensor signal as a reference for the correction of the secondary water supply temperature, and then controls the opening of the primary side temperature control valve and the circulation pump Operating frequency. It realizes the automatic adjustment of the water supply temperature and flow to meet the user's requirements.The user can set the water temperature manually on the spot or remotely in the central control room after networking.

  The working principle of the steam-water heat exchanger: after the secondary side backwater is decontaminated and descaled by the filter, it is sent to the plate heat exchanger through the circulation pump, and is heated by the primary side steam or high-temperature water for heating.After heat exchange in the plate heat exchanger, the primary side steam or high temperature water becomes condensed water or high temperature return water to return to the heat source, and the second cycle is performed again. The make-up water pumps softened water into the system to keep the system pressure stable.