What is the shell-and-tube heat exchangers

   Shell-and-tube heat exchangers, also known as tubular heat exchangers, are mainly composed of shells, tube bundles, tube sheets and 52heads.The tube of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger is a heat transfer element, and the size of the tube has a great influence on heat transfer.The heat transfer tubes are arranged differently in the housing (with an equilateral triangle and a square arrangement). The two ends of the heat transfer tube are fixed on the tube sheet by welding or expansion joint, and the tube sheets are respectively welded to the two ends of the outer casing, that is, the tube plate is rigidly connected with the casing.A series of baffles (baffles) perpendicular to the bundle of tubes are often placed along the length of the tube.When the heat exchanger performs heat exchange, a fluid enters through the inlet pipe of the head connected to the tube sheet, passes through the tube of the parallel tube bundle, and flows out from the outlet end of the other end, which is called a tube process.The other fluid enters the nozzle of the housing, flows through the gap between the housing and the tube bundle, and flows out of the other tube, called the shell side.The surface area of the tube bundle is the heat transfer area. One pass of the fluid through the tube is called a single tube, and one pass through the shell is called a single shell. The heat exchange tube bundle can be made into one-way, two-way or multi-pass according to needs.