What is the reason for the plate cooler string

  The plate cooler string liquid usually occurs in the diversion area or the second sealed area. Its main feature is that the medium on the higher What is the reason for the plate cooler stringpressure side is stringed into the medium on the lower pressure side, which will cause abnormal pressure and temperature in the system. If the medium is corrosive, it may also cause the gasket of the plate heat exchanger. Corrosion. Causes and treatment methods of plate cooler fluid

(1) Reasons for the liquid of plate cooler:

① Cracks or perforations caused by plate corrosion due to improper selection of the plate

② Operating conditions do not meet design requirements

③ Residual stress after cold stamping of the plate and too small clamping dimensions during assembly cause stress corrosion

④ There is a slight leakage at the plate leakage groove, which causes the harmful substances (such as Cl) to condense and corrode the plate

(2) Plate cooler liquid treatment method:

① Replace the cracked or perforated plates, and use the light transmission method to find the plate cracks on site

② Adjust the operating parameters to meet the design conditions

③ The clamping size of the plate cooler during maintenance and assembly should meet the requirements, not as small as possible.

④ The material of the plate cooler is reasonably matched.