What is the reason for the excessive pressure drop of the plate stainless steel heat exchanger

  The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of many corrugated heat transfer plates, which are pressed at a What is the reason for the excessive pressure drop of the plate stainless steel heat exchangercertain interval through a rubber gasket. When the plates are assembled, the two groups are alternately arranged, and the rubber sealing strips are fixed between the plates with adhesive. Its function is to prevent fluid leakage and form a narrow mesh flow path between the two plates.The heat exchange plates are pressed into various corrugated shapes to increase the area and rigidity of the heat exchange plates, and the fluid can form turbulent flow at a low flow rate to achieve the effect of enhancing heat transfer. What are the causes of excessive pressure drop of plate stainless steel heat exchanger?

(1) The area of the plate heat exchanger is too small when it is first selected, which results in an excessively high flow velocity between the plates and a large pressure drop.

(2) After the plate heat exchanger is operated for a period of time, the pressure drop is too large due to the scaling of the plate surface.

(3) The pipelines of the operating system are not normally purged, especially many dirt (such as welding slag) in the pipelines of the newly installed system enters the interior of the plate heat exchanger. The sediments and suspended matter in the heat exchanger accumulate in the corner and the diversion area, which leads to a significant reduction in the area of the flow channel at this location, resulting in pressure loss mainly at this location.