What is the installation process of plate heat exchanger

The installation of plate type heat exchangers has become a problem faced by most users who use heat exchangers. No matter how good the product is, there will always be time for maintenance. So what is the installation method of the What is the installation process of plate heat exchangerplate heat exchanger?

(1) Unpacking the plate frame heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are generally packed in wood, please confirm whether the wooden box is placed in the correct position when unpacking. The baffle surface of the heat exchanger fixed in the wooden box is generally set downward, and the center of gravity of the equipment is below. Please don't roll the cabinet casually to avoid hurting people and breaking the equipment.To dismantle the wooden box of the plate heat exchanger, please use the tool to remove the top wooden board first, and then remove the surrounding wooden boards in turn. The wooden board under the wooden box and the heat exchanger are fixed together, you need to unscrew the fixing bolts, please save the file in the lower box.

(2) Lifting of plate heat exchange coolers

Before lifting the heat exchanger, we have to lift it in the correct way. When lifting, it is necessary to take protective measures for the heat exchanger to avoid collisions and falling events.

(3) Installation of plate heat exchanger

The foundation of the installation is mainly for the horizontal installation of the heat exchanger, which is conducive to connecting pipelines and convenient for future repairs and maintenance.

The installation of the foundation is determined according to the on-site assessment and the feet of the heat exchanger.The manufacturer of the heat exchanger prepares an installation dimension drawing for the user when packing. The user can make embedded parts in the foundation according to the physical object and the installation size chart. Tighten the anchor bolts during installation to avoid vibrations affecting the performance of the heat exchanger and causing damage during startup. During installation, no external force is allowed to be applied to the heat exchanger to avoid deforming the heat exchanger and affecting normal operation.Users should pay attention to the connection position of the hot and cold inlet and outlet piping when connecting the piping. When designing and selecting the heat exchanger, the entry and exit of the hot and cold medium shall be indicated on the design parameter table. The installer needs to confirm the function of each pipe to perform the connection work. Before the pipe is connected, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is any hard debris in the flow channel to avoid blocking the flow channel or reducing the heat exchange efficiency during operation.