What is the function of heat exchanger

  A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from a portion of a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Its main function is to ensure the specific temperature required by the process for the medium. It can transfer heat between the two or more fluids at different temperatures, so that the heat is transferred from the higher temperature fluid to the lower temperature. It makes the fluid temperature reach the specified parameters of the process to meet the needs of the process conditions, and the heat exchanger is also one of the main equipments for improving energy efficiency.

   The heat exchanger is widely used.The heating fins for heating in daily life, the condenser in the steam turbine unit and the oil cooler on the space rocket need heat exchangers. In industrial production such as petroleum, chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, energy, etc., heat exchangers are often used to heat or cool high temperature fluids, vaporize liquids into steam or condense steam into liquids. The heat exchanger can be a unit device such as a heater, a cooler and a condenser, or a component of a process equipment such as a heat exchanger in an ammonia synthesis column. Heat exchanger is an important unit in chemical production.