What is the failure of stainless steel plate heat exchanger

   The fluid movement in the channels between the plates of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger is fierce, and the surface is smooth and less What is the failure of stainless steel plate heat exchangerdeposits are formed. Plate heat exchangers have long working cycles and are easy to clean with chemical methods. It can greatly reduce the manpower, material resources and financial resources consumed during small inspections or shutdowns. Heating, cooling and heat recovery can be easily combined into a whole, and completed simultaneously in one heat exchange equipment.As long as the heated material is used as a heat source to preheat the fluid that has just entered, the operating requirements of the two fluids that need to be cooled or heated can be achieved. The failure of stainless steel plate heat exchangers is mainly leakage. (1) The main parts of the external leakage are the seal between the plate and the plate, the second seal leakage groove of the plate, and the end plate and the inner side of the compression plate.In a heating system, if the hot-side pressure drop is too large, the primary-side flow rate will be seriously insufficient. That is, the heat source is not enough, resulting in the secondary side temperature cannot meet the requirements. (2) The main feature of liquid stringing is that the medium on the higher pressure side is stringed into the medium on the lower pressure side, and abnormal pressure and temperature will occur in the system. If the medium is corrosive, it may also cause corrosion of other equipment in the pipeline. Streaking usually occurs at the diversion area or at the second sealed area.