What is the danger of not cleaning the plate heat exchanger

  The use of plate heat exchangers is very strict and should not be used in dirty or fouling environments (unless additional measures are added), the What is the danger of not cleaning the plate heat exchangeroperating temperature should be controlled at around 50 °C or lower. So what is the hazard of not cleaning the plate heat exchanger for a long time?

(1) Long-term scale will cause the heat exchange conditions to deteriorate. The heat transfer surface of the heat exchanger exceeds the rated temperature or local overheating, which may cause cracks in the heat exchanger and accidents.The accumulation of dirt threatens the safe operation of the heat exchanger, and shortens the service life of the heat exchanger, so that the heat exchange equipment is shut down and repaired. In severe cases, the original heat exchanger needs to be scrapped to replace the new equipment.

(2) The water treatment equipment is not working properly during the use of the plate heat exchanger.

The water quality control is not up to standard, and the unqualified softened water is injected into the heating system, so that the calcium, magnesium and carbonate in the water are decomposed into calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitates on the heating surface of the heat exchanger after being heated. Hard scale is formed.Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the scale, the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger is reduced and the thermal energy is seriously wasted.

(3)The heat exchanger is not cleaned in time, and the scale filtration in the water is not complete, so that the water from the outlet is not completely filtered and is directly supplied to the user.The general domestic hot water unit is basically used for bathing. The water that has not been completely filtered is in contact with the skin for a long time, which will have bad results on the human body and affect the health of the person.