What is the daily maintenance of plate heat exchanger

  The plate heat exchanger is a static device and is not easy to be damaged. It is only necessary to check whether the three-dimensional What is the daily maintenance of plate heat exchangertemperature, pressure and flow of the inlet and outlet are within the design range. What are the common faults and treatment methods of plate heat exchangers?

1.The plates of the plate heat exchanger are misaligned. For plate heat exchangers with medium flow rate and pressure changes and multi-pass combination and long-term use, plate misalignment is prone to occur. After the plates were misplaced, leakage occurred quickly. Although some leaks do not occur immediately, they are a hidden danger of leakage, so they must be dealt with in a timely manner. The main causes of misalignment are: deformation of the heat exchanger plate; the sealing gasket of the plate heat exchanger slipped away from the gasket groove. The treatment method is to replace the deformed plate and the slipping gasket in time.

2. When there is a lack of on-site maintenance equipment, the simple treatment method of the plate heat exchanger is to extract the damaged plates and the leaked plates in pairs. If the number is not too much, the number of reduced flow channels is relatively small. The assembled plate heat exchanger can continue to be used, and it will not have a great impact on production.

3. Leakage occurred in the plate heat exchanger. Due to the longer sealing perimeter of the plate heat exchanger and the thinner plate, leakage may occur during use. Leakage can be divided into internal leakage and external leakage.

(1) Internal leakage of plate heat exchanger. This means that the two mediums in the heat exchange equipment cause the high-pressure side medium to leak to the low-pressure side for some reason. The main causes of this leakage are perforations, cracks and corrosion of plate heat exchanger plates. The way to find this leakage is to often test the medium on the low-pressure side and judge from the changes in its composition.

(2) Leakage of plate heat exchanger. This refers to the leakage of the medium in the plate heat exchanger equipment to the external space. This leakage phenomenon is generally easy to find. The main reason for this leakage is the gasket aging, corrosion or plate deformation. When such a leak occurs, mark the leak in time and open the device to replace the gasket or plate.