What is the composition of plate heat exchanger plate

  The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of a plurality of corrugated heat transfer plates, which are pressed at a What is the composition of plate heat exchanger platecertain interval by rubber gaskets.The utility model has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and light structure, small occupied area, wide application and long service life.The quality of the plate heat exchanger plate directly affects the overall performance and working conditions of the plate heat exchanger. Under this circumstance, the plate heat exchanger plate industry is booming, so what is the composition of the plate heat exchanger plate?

The corrugation not only enhances the heat transfer, but also increases the rigidity and rigidity of the thin plate, thereby increasing the pressure bearing capacity of the plate heat exchanger, and reducing the formation of sediment or dirt due to the turbulent state of the liquid,thereby "self-cleaning" role.

The second component is the gasket, which is installed in the gasket groove along the periphery of the plate to seal the periphery between the plates to prevent the fluid from leaking outward.According to the design requirements, a part of the corner hole is sealed to make the cold and hot liquid flow in the respective flow channels.