What is the cause of the breakdown of plate heat exchanger plates

  The plate heat exchanger is composed of a group of corrugated metal plates. There are four corner holes on the plate for the two liquids for heat breakdown of plate heat exchanger platestransfer to alternately exchange heat through their respective channels. The plate heat exchanger has tightly arranged plates, high accuracy, small size, and high heat exchange efficiency, and is suitable for use in small refrigeration units. What is the cause of the breakdown of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) Construction problems. Only filters are installed in the system, and no electronic water treatment device is installed, so it is difficult to ensure that the piping system does not scale.

(2) Maintenance issues. Plate heat exchangers are an important component of heat exchange skills in process industry equipment. The plate heat exchanger gasket sealed between the various plate heat sinks is a wearing part and is also a kind of easily aged part under natural conditions. After long-term operation, the plate heat exchanger needs to be cleaned regularly. Some plate heat exchangers cannot be disassembled, so it is difficult to clean the heat exchanger, which is simply blocked and scaled. Once a part of the channels in the heat exchanger is blocked, the other channels have to receive the flow of all the water from the unit. In this way, the flow rate through the plate heat exchanger increases, friction is added, and wear is increased immediately.

(3) Quality issues. Compared with the heat exchange surface of other heat exchangers, the heat exchange surface of the plate heat exchanger plate is quite thin (0.5mm), and the maximum allowed corrosion degree is 0.05mm / year. The material of the ordinary plate heat exchanger is usually an alloy material (304 or 316). 304 is the cheapest type of austenitic stainless steel. It has anti-corrosion ability to a certain range of organic matter, but weak resistance to hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. The material of the plate heat exchanger of the air conditioner is 304. Then after 8 years of use, it is inevitable that the board will break down and corrode.