What is plate heat exchanger and types

What is plate heat exchanger and types?

  Plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger which is composed of a certain number of corrugated metal plates.The plate heat What is plate heat exchanger and typesexchanger transfers heat through the phe plates. The heat transfer forms of the plate heat exchangers are liquid heat transfer and liquid gasification heat transfer.how to divide plate heat exchanger?

(1)According to the process application of the heat exchanger, it is mainly divided into plate heater, plate cooler, plate condenser and plate preheater.

(2)According to the combination process, it is divided into one pass plate heat exchanger and multi-pass plate heat exchanger.

(3)Wcan also be divided according to the flow direction of the two media: a downstream plate heat exchanger, a counterflow plate heat exchanger and a cross-flow plate heat exchanger.

(4)If divided according to the size of the alkaline washing of the flow channel, it can be divided into a conventional gap plate heat exchanger and a wide gap plate heat exchanger.

(5)Finally, there is a way to classify products into single-plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers units according to whether the products are complete or not.