What Is Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

   Plate heat exchanger is an efficient, energy-saving heat exchange equipment, which have many advantages such as high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, less consumables, various types and easy maintenance etc. The application field has been gradually expanded and has been widely used in machinery, electric power, and metallurgy. Chemicals, textiles, beverages, urban heating and other industries 

   The core pars of a PHE is a pack of corrugation plates with apertures.The PHE plates are assembled in a 180 angle to each other,resulting in flow gap on each side.Each plate is provided with a gasket,which securely seals the flow gaps from the atomsphere and separates the two media used in the heat exchange.

   The gasketed plate pack is mounted in a rack and is compressed with tightening bolts between the fixed plate and pressure plate.The guarantee maximum heat transfer,how and cold fluid are normally led through the PHE in single pass or multi-pass counterflow.Connections are on the fixed plate.but can also be on the pressure plate for multi=pass.