What Is Compact Heat Exchanger

   The compact heat exchanger is made up of a plurality of metal heat exchange plates stamped with corrugated grooves, which are alternately What Is Compact Heat Exchangerplaced at regular intervals, each plate has a gasket seal and is pressed into the frame by a clamping stud.t The upper angle hole constitutes a continuous passage, the medium enters the passage from the inlet and distributed into the flow passage between the heat exchange sheets, the two medium flows countercurrently in the passage,then the heat on the hot and cold side is transmitted through the heat exchange plates.Therefore, the temperature of the heat medium is lowered to be cooled, and the temperature of the cold medium is increased to obtain the purpose of heating.

   Its product features are high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, small footprint, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, low dirt coefficient, small temperature difference at the end and light weight.