What is a tubular exchanger

  A tubular exchanger is currently the most widely used heat exchanger in chemical and alcohol production.It is mainly composed of a shell, a tube What is a tubular exchangersheet, a heat exchange tube, a head, and a baffle. The required materials can be made of ordinary carbon steel, copper or stainless steel.In the heat exchange, a fluid flows from the joint pipe of the head into the pipe, and flows out from the outlet pipe at the other end of the head, which is called a pipe process;The other fluid enters the socket of the shell and flows out of the other socket on the shell, which is called the shell side.

  In the petroleum processing industry, petrochemical industry and chemical industry, multi-purpose fixed tube-plate heat exchangers and various tube heat exchangers with thermal compensation junctions are used in a wide temperature range (from -30"C to 4500). Heating and cooling the dry liquid with a pressure of less than 6.4 MPa. These heat exchangers are of the type of floating head, fixed tube plate type, temperature expansion joint type and U-tube type on the shell.