What is a plate heat exchanger compaction device

The compression interval between the plates of the plate heat exchanger is mainly determined according to the What is a plate heat exchanger compaction devicethickness of the plates and gaskets. Each model has a corresponding size standard. Whether it is daily or during use, the compression bolts should be checked for firmness and tightness. Pay attention to the number of clamped plates when reinstalling the plates of the plate heat exchanger. If there is a need to stack the plates, it should be observed whether the shape of the fixed and movable plates will change, and the bolts should be adjusted and increased with the installation of the plates. If the elasticity of the plate is damaged beyond the limit, the sealing will become invalid and cause leakage.

Another component of the plate heat exchanger is the clamping frame plate. The function is to tighten and consolidate the plate, which can effectively prevent the plate from collapsing under the impact of the pressure from the liquid. The strength of the pressure generated by the liquid is not small, and the plate body of the stepped-up version has a certain thickness. The plate heat exchanger tightener can reduce manpower output, thereby improving the efficiency of disassembly and installation. The clamp is small in size, easy to transport, and easy to operate.